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 Mano pirmieji eilėraščiai

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Elena Gilbert
love is a name, sex is a game. forget the name, let`s play the game..
Elena Gilbert

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Mano pirmieji eilėraščiai   Antr. 12 28, 2010 11:55 pm

When I look at you, day passes,
You only have one minute to look into your eyes, and everything changes
Why not be as good as I want?
Why must everything turn out wrong direction?
I want to start to scream, "Why is this such a life"

Yes I want to be with you every minute, second.
But in vain, everything is completely different.
You ignore me, even as attention in the past
Now, not anymore that is your smile to me than the past

And the idea of rotating head
"What this has happened, what did that anymore what it was before"
Why did this happen? Everything seemed so good until this happened
There were a lot of fun, memorable day on which now can only dream of.

Ir dar kitas:

Every day reminds you
When I look out the window passes the whole world
Every time you thought about turning
Your eyes are like the depths of shadow
It remains to be silent and think
Each movement has a thing makes you wonder about
I need your warm embrace
You are trying to convince you that you'm not cold and it is worth
Unfortunately though it fails to work and how it would be better
Love is like a regular hell do not ever want a fun ...

Ir kaip Jums tai? Reikia man jūsų kritikos ; DD
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